MAA Billing

Bill Payment

Anesthesia services are billed separately from other fees associated with your care. As with your other medical service providers, copayments, coinsurance, and deductibles are due upon receipt of your bill. Should you have questions about your coverage while under our care, your bill itself, or how to submit a payment, please contact us at the following:

For Dates of Service PRIOR to JULY 1, 2021:

Phone: 888-802-6903

For Dates of Service JULY 1, 2021 and LATER or cost estimates:

Phone: 844-788-0088


Hospital Administrators

As a hospital administrator, you face unique challenges as you strive to find the confluence of top-quality care and efficient service delivery.


Ambulatory Surgery Centers

A true value proposition requires a strong mix of clinical capabilities that can be applied across a variety of settings.


Office-Based Practices

MAA’s robust clinical capabilities provide office-based surgical practices with clinical expertise, quality, safety, and top notch patient care.